About Us

As New Thought Christians, we believe that:

  • The only true power in the universe and in my life is God, and God is good.

  • The kingdom of God is within and our purpose is to realize and express it through Love.

  • What we give, whether it be love, talent, time or dollars, multiplies and circulates back to us:

  • "As you sow, so shall you reap."

  • We are spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe having a human experience.

  • Service to others is the highest activity to which we can aspire.

  • Each person is a unique, individualized expression of God destined to live abundantly.

  • Our natural state is perfect health: mental, physical, financial and spiritual.



Mission:  Unity of Syracuse inspires, awakens and transforms lives through

unlimited love, prayer and service.

Vision:  Centered in Spirit we celebrate a healthy, peaceful world unified in love.

Core Values:  We are...inspiring, accepting, expressing Truth, forgiving,

progressive, loving, and compassionate.


Please contact us for more information on how you may serve on a team or ministry.

To discover ways to serve, please read Ministry Service Teams.

News and Announcements for Unity of Syracuse

Do you have any announcements that you'd like to share about events and activities at Unity of Syracuse?  Any revisions that need to be made to existing information?  If so, contact our office if you have information to be mentioned before our Sunday Service, on our website, in the Constant Contact mailings that are sent , or in the Sunday bulletin.  Email us at unityoffice@unitysyracuse.org or call 315.492.0330.  Please have your information to us by Noon on Fridays - thank you!



If you would like to know more about becoming a member of Unity of Syracuse, please contact us.